V’s Reaction When He First Saw Suga’s Edited Photo With Undercut Hair On Weverse


These days we seem to pay a little more attention to Instagram – where BTS members are more active than other platforms. But if you look back a bit, there are also funny moments in Weverse that BTS left behind, especially V’s funny comments.

Since starting his 2nd vacation until now, V has been regularly contacting ARMYs on Instagram or spending time chatting with ARMYs on Weverse. Sometimes V asks what ARMYs are doing, sometimes asks ARMY to draw a picture of Simpson for him or asks where his birthday event will be held….

In his free time, V is probably the member who walks around looking at ARMY’s posts on Weverse the most. And most of V’s reactions make ARMY feel very funny and excited. One of these examples is when V commented under ARMY edited photos of the members.

Usually on Weverse, ARMYs often share photo edits on Weverse, including the hairstyle edits they want the BTS members to try.


One fan shared two of Suga’s hair edits in an undercut, side shaved short, swept back, and grayish-wh̾i̾t ̾e hair color. This short cut makes Suga look cooler than his usual image and a bit fierce.

After V saw this photo, he was also quite surprised and V’s first answer sounded confused and maybe a bit scared! “..who. are you…” he wrote.

Then, after regaining his composure, V left a follow-up comment about this hair, but it still didn’t seem to have stopped being surprised like: “let go of me for a second..”, but the tone is more like, “OKAY WHOA HOLD ON A MINUTE!” or “EXCUSE ME I SAID WHO IS THIS!”. In short: WTF.

V really has a very interesting reaction to Suga’s hair and the way he responds is cute too!