V’s Sassy Performance On James Corden’s Show Gets An Emmy Award-Winning Anchor Fangirling


On November 24 KST, BTS was spotted filming James Corden’s segment ‘Crosswalk Concert,’ where various artists perform in the middle of the street while traffic is stopped.

Although the official performance is set to air at a future episode, videos and pics have been released by entertainment channels such as TMZ and JustJared, as well as by people who were at the venue.

Kim Taehyung, aka V, showed why he has earned the title ‘Stage Genius’ as he brought out his acting chops and used the unique setting to elevate his performance. He was filmed interacting with random cars at the crosswalk.

She shared a video of herself fangirling over V’s fingerprints on her car and discussed her experience in her news segment.

Meanwhile, Taehyung’s reaction to seeing a dírtч car led to hilarious posts on social media.

Taehyung’s säṩṩy performance also garnered huge reaction on Tiktok as clips from James Corden’s show racked up millions of views in the span of a few hours.