Weverse Quickly Becomes A Dating App As BTS’s V Helps ARMYs “Marry” J-Hope


BTS‘s V is bringing a whole new feature to the Weverse app!

During his recent social media spree, he couldn’t help but work his magic as a matchmaker by promising ARMYs to tell JHope about their feelings for him.

When a fan asked V, “Tell J-Hope I want to marry him,” V had no qualms in doing it. However, it will take quite a few business days!

It didn’t take long for trouble to arise in paradise when another ARMY claimed that J-Hope was already married to them. V’s hilarious response showed he just might have gone in over his head on this one!

“But is this a marriage app?

“ ”” — V

Meanwhile, all of this new is unbeknownst to J-Hope who’s busy posting photos during his time in the US!

Next time he comes online, he’s going to meet his all of his new wives!