Who Is The Female Staff Inviting Megan To Collaborate With BTS And Considered To Be BTS’s Translator?


Are you curious about the girl who stood next to j-hope and talked to Lizzo during Harry’s concert? Although she wears a mask, her cuteness makes many ARMYs love her, even fall in love with her, just kidding. Let’s learn about the girl who was with BTS during their overseas trips and when RM wasn’t with the members to translate

According to information compiled and verified by detectives ARMYs, of course, the girl who attracted much attention when appearing with BTS at Harry’s concert during his recent LA trip was named Nicole Kim. She has worked as a staff member of Bigнιт since 2017. Currently, Nicole Kim is the team leader of A&R executive of HYBE because in an interview with Weverse, her position was described as such

The A&R Executive position is described as Artists and Repertoire, its an important branch of a music label, they usually do alot of different things so it’s hard to define it. They typically organize collabs, recording sessions and are in direct link with the artists and recording producers.

Nicole Kim is also known as the person who is on behalf of HYBE and BTS invited Megan Thee Stallion to collaborate with BTS on the remix for Butter Remix recently…

Besides, Nicole Kim is also known to be often present when BTS has a foreign schedule as an translator. Because of her good єиgℓιѕн, Nicole always helps the members and Bigнιт Staff to communicate with foreign artists when RM or an interpreter is not there.

Remember when Jungkook teamed up with Charlie Puth for a year-end stage? Jungkook called Nicole over and asked her to show him some єиgℓιѕн conversations. When Jungkook had a conversation with Charlie Puth, it was Nicole who also translated for him.

Max – the artist who has collaborated with BTS also once praised Nicole’s ability as a translator and said that she is a great person who helps BTS and the artists to have a comfortable and positive conversation.

During the trip for BTS’s 4-day concert at SoFi Stadium recently, Nicole also accompanied the members. She appeared with j-hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook when they attended Harry’s concert. She enjoyed the concert atmosphere and translated back and forth for Lizzo and BTS.

Nicole Kim was also caught in the same frame as Halsey when Halsey attended BTS’s concert. She and Halsey danced to the tune of ∂уиαмιтє.

There are probably many ARMYs who admire Nicole’s talent and profession as she is able to accompany BTS in many events. She really is an extremely attractive girl, isn’t she? Of course!