Yo, Even BTS’s Backup Dancers Are Hot AF, And Here’s The Proof


#“If I can’t marry BTS, I’ll marry the backup dancers.”

#Every day, BTS go viral whenever they post something new.


Now even their backup dancers are going viral!

Recently, a couple of dancers shared videos on TikTok, revealing they were among the many backup dancers for BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. And as we had remained focused on BTS during the shows, ARMYs were shook to see that the backup dancers are not only incredibly skilled dancers but freaking hot to boot!

#Two dancers, in particular, have gone viral on TikTok with videos as they dance some of the BTS choreography. These are Colo and Masai (also known as KIID). They are perhaps best known as @colo.cag  and @tharealmasai on TikTok, respectively.

#They each released TikTok videos with their fellow backup dancers, dancing to “IDOL,” and both have gone viral. Masai’s TikTok, in particular, has 3 million views as of December 10!

#Their favorite BTS song is clearly “IDOL!” Colo followed up with another dance video featuring the iconic choreography.

#If you think it’s cap and they’re not really BTS backup dancers, they got all the receipts to prove it. Colo has been flexin’ the dream office space of SoFi Stadium on his Instagram.

#A fine man with that exclusive pass? We love to see it.

#Masai, too, has shared shots from the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in L.A. that the two worked at.

#We know technically this is just the official “ON” uniform, but it looks like specifically designed with Masai in mind. He looks so handsome!

#It’s Colo, though, that has been really keeping ARMY well-fed with content the past couple of weeks. He’s shared videos with almost every concert.

#And, boy, can we please take a moment to appreciate the “ON” fits? They’re so pulling it off! And the fact that everyone looks so good too, we can’t.

#They didn’t just do BTS choreo for TikTok while in-between stages. They kept the energy up by participating in other dance trends!

#That way, we also got introduced to even more dancers as Colo tagged his new co-workers, and it turns out there’s literally not one that isn’t incredibly good-looking.

#Gabe De Guzman (@gabedofficial on TikTok) has also been actively sharing both videos and photos of his PTDLA experience on social media. Each dancer involved has only had good things to say.

#He’s still representing BTS to this day! He busted out the “IDOL” moves at Disney.

#Of course, Colo had to wrap up his series of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE videos with the “Permission to Dance” challenge! He killed it, obviously.

#The guys aren’t the only ones who are low-key really hot. ANALISSE (@analisseworld on social media) also was part of the dance crew that made the PTDLA concerts possible, and she’s stolen our hearts.

#The first week, she shared footage of herself alongside the BTS members at the concert, and she looked absolutely stunning!

#Recently, she uploaded a vlog of her experience as a backup dancer at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. She also included some photos of herself at SoFi Stadium.

#Since these dancers’ various posts have gone viral, ARMYs have been shook to discover that literally, everyone was hot too. It looks like we’ve found our new bias-wreckers.

#More and more each day, we’re becoming convinced BIGHIT MUSIC only hires hot people because not only are all their idols fine, but so is all the staff… Like, have you seen BTS’s bodyguards?

#Don’t even get us started on all the producers, oh my gosh.

#So, yeah, we stand by our statement. Only hot people work for this company.